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Gallery of Past Presidents


Lourdes Rovira (1998-2000)

Lourdes Rovira graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico and a number of training programs from the graduate business schools of Michigan and Standford University.

Before joining the Government Development Bank, Rovira had served as Finance and Investment Director and Deputy District Director of the Small Business Administration. She also served as Director of Finance of the Municipality of San Juan and the Automobile Accident Compensation Administration. She was Director of Finance of the University of Puerto Rico system.

On August 27, 1998, the Board of Directors of the GDB approved Rovira's designation to serve as the fifteenth president of the GDB and the first woman to preside over the institution in its 56 years of history.  Prior to this appointment, she held the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President for Financing at the GDB.

In March 1998, the GDB made its first sale through the internet when it placed $531 million in General Obligation bonds through the web page of Goldman Sachs. Through this innovative mechanism, investors had access to financial information, official statements, roadshow materials, as well as information about prices and interest rates. It was the first time this firm offered the possibility of placing orders in the U.S. bond market through the internet, and it was Puerto Rico that set the example.

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