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GDB offers a variety of services with the principal objective of safeguarding the fiscal success and stability of our governmental clients.

GDB provides services to its clients using the latest state of the art banking technology available in the market. Also, GDB serves as an effective neutralizing agent in the local banking industry for government agency since it offers the same services as the private sector at competitive costs. GDB makes available a variety of services to public agencies as a mechanism to reduce their operational costs and produce savings.

Access to your accounts through the Internet or Dial up Access to:

  • Verify balances and actual and historical cash flow in your account
  • Verify paid checks
  • Verify transactions
  • Register a stop payment on a check
  • Issue checks data to control exemptions in the clearing process (Positive Pay)

Issue checks data, manually or electronically, to help control problems with their payment, such as:

  • Stale checks
  • Encoding errors
  • Duplicated checks
  • Fraudulent checks
  • Postdated checks

We receive window deposits from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

In addition to the banking statement with check images printed on paper, GDB offers the option of sending your check images in any of the following formats:

Depot Express imaging system is available to facilitate the search and printing of check images on both sides, which could be sent to you with your monthly banking statement in CD or DVD. Also, the System has the capacity of exporting data to spreadsheets on MS-Excel and exporting check images in different formats, such as bmp, jpg, tiff, among others.

Government Direct Banking-Images imaging system is available to access checks paid from your account through the Internet. The system allows you to see both sides of the check and print them.

We offer the option of sending banking reconciliation reports on paper, magnetic tape or file, together with your account statements, such as:

  • Checks paid
  • Checks in transit
  • Checks with stop payments
  • Stale checks

Lockbox available to receive and credit deposits and payments received by mail more efficiently.
Management of federal funds under the Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA).
Collection services for fraudulent endorsements.
Collection services for checks with insufficient funds.
Automatic management of the history of deposited returned checks.

Information on the total amount paid each day for checks cleared will be available to the client before 11:30 a.m. on the same day for an efficient cash management.

Acquisition of check forms:

  • Individualized art
  • Multiple safety mechanisms

Programming and specialized reports designed and adapted to the needs of our clients.

For further information regarding our products, please call Customer Services at (787) 722-2525, extensions 15575, 15580, 15582, or contact us by e-mail at

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