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Puerto Rico Economic Indicators - Time Series


This report contains a selection of nearly 150 key indicators in Puerto Rico's economy, and for comparison purposes present monthly data for the last ten years. Major indicators include, among others, labor, prices, manufacturing, and trade data.

Beginning in October 2009, the P.R. Economic Indicators - Time Series incorporates changes: the format and content of the tables now include two separate 12-month percent and net change sections, and a data summary with yearly and cumulative year-to-date analyses.

Updated on December 9, 2014

arrow Labor Force

arrow Payroll Employment

arrow Promotion Activities

arrow Tourism

arrow Consumer Price Index - Updated


Gasoline - Updated

arrow Electric Energy Consumption - Updated

arrow Electric Energy Generation - Updated


Cement Data

arrow Construction Permits - Updated

arrow Retail Sales

arrow External Trade

arrow Transportation and Cargo

arrow Commercial Banking - Updated

arrow Government Revenues

arrow Economic Activity Index - Updated

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