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Investor Presentations

07-17-2014 - Update on Fiscal and Economic Progress - July 2014 Investor Webcast Replay, Presentation and Transcript.

05-02-2014 - Commonwealth of Puerto Rico FY 2015 Budget Highlights - Presentation

Click HERE for more information on the Proposed Budget from the website of the Commonwealth's Office of Management and Budget.

02-18-2014 - Update on Fiscal and Economic Progress - February 2014 Investor Webcast Replay and Presentation

10-31-2013 - Conference Call on COFINA Legal Opinions Replay and Transcript

10-15-2013 - Update on Fiscal and Economic Development Progress - FY 2014 Q1 Investor Webcast Replay and Presentation

07-18-2013 - FY 2014 Budget and Other Recent Developments - Webcast Conference Audio
07-12-2013 - FY 2014 Budget and Other Recent Developments - Presentation
05-17-2013 - Puerto Rico Credit Conference 2013 Conference Presentations and Videos
03-22-2013 - Puerto Rico Investor Outreach

02-14-2013 - Pension Reform: The Numbers Speak for Themselves

07-20-2012 - COFINA Investor Webcast Presentation

06-19-2012 - Report on the Necessary Measures to Comply with New EPA Regulations, and the Conversion to and Use of Natural Gas in the Northern Power Plants

05-10 and 5-11-2012 - Puerto Rico Credit Conference 2012 Conference Presentations and Videos

02-21-2012 - GDB Investor Webcast Presentation and Webcast Conference Audio
10-11-2011 - Natural Gas Diversification Strategy for PREPA

09-08-2011 - GDB Investor Webcast Presentation and Webcast Conference Audio

04-08-2011 - Puerto Rico Credit Conference 2011

Conference Presentations and Videos

11-09-2010 - GDB Investor Webcast Presentation

and Webcast Conference Audio

07-22-2010 - GDB Investor Webcast Presentation
and Webcast Conference Video
06-23-2010 - "CONTACTO DIRECTO" Presentation
"CONTACTO DIRECTO" Webcast Available only in Spanish
05-11-2010 - Puerto Rico Fiscal Year 2010 Proposed Budget & Fiscal Update - Investor Webcast Presentation
Webcast Conference Video
04-27-2010 - Gov. Fortuño Puerto Rico Budget Highlights Fiscal Year 2010-11
04-20-2010 - Moody's & Fitch Recalibrates Puerto Rico Credit  Available only in Spanish

02-26-2010 - Puerto Rico Credit Conference 2010

Conference Presentations and Videos

12-17-2009 - GDB Senior Notes 2009 Series C and D
10-02-2009 - Progress Report of the Fiscal & Economic Reconstruction of P.R.
Webcast Audio
09-28-2009 - Strategic Model for a New Economy
06-01-2009 - Updated Summary of the Fiscal and Economic Reconstruction Plan
05-29-2009 - FRSB Announces the Beginning of First Round of Layoffs
Presentation (Press Conference)
05-17-2009 - GDB Presentation at PR House Public Hearings on Public-Private Partnerships                        Available only in Spanish
05-14-2009 - Our Human Resources and Puerto Rico's Competitiveness
(GDB President at the Society for Human Resource Management meeting)                        Available only in Spanish

05-03-2009 - General Exposition of the FY 2010 Recommended Budget

(P.R. Legislative Assembly Public Hearings)

04-29-2009 - Government of Puerto Rico: FY2009-2010 Budget [Executive Summary]
04-16-2009 - The Economic and Fiscal Reconstruction Plan of Puerto Rico
(GDB President at Municipal Forum of New York Luncheon)
03-25-2009 - The Reconstruction Plan: Safeguarding the Credit of Puerto Rico
03-25-2009 - P.R. Health Reform and Fiscal Impact
03-12-2009 - GDB: Economic and Fiscal Reconstruction Plan
03-05-2009 - Economic and Fiscal Reconstruction Plan  before P.R. Legislative Assembly - Public Hearing
Puerto Rico Credit Conference - Feb. 19-20, 2009
02-10-2009 - GDB: The Path to Economic and Fiscal Reconstruction
03-03-2008 - Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority
11-28-2006 - University of Puerto Rico
09-22-2006 - NFMA / MAGNY Conference - Update on the Commonwealth, by José J. Villamil
09-22-2006 - NFMA / MAGNY Conference - PRASA
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