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Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO)

Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company


Credit Ratings

Standard & Poor's
General Purpose Revenue Bonds

Credit Rating Reports on PRIDCO

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These bonds are payable from the gross revenues derived from some of its properties ("Trusteed Properties") and, if required, from any other available funds of PRIDCO. The bonds are further secured by a debt service reserve equal to maximum annual debt service reserve on all outstanding General Purpose Revenue Bonds. Trusteed Properties consist mainly of industrial buildings built by PRIDCO and leased to private firms. The revenues derived from Trusteed Properties are from rental payments. When leases are renewed, the rental payments may be increased as PRIDCO and the lessee agree, without approval from any regulatory agency.


PRIDCO's main function is to promote economic development of Puerto Rico and provide industrial facilities for lease or sale to private manufacturing companies.

Trustee Under the Trust Indenture:

US Bank
New York, N.Y.

Financial Statements Audited by:
HLB Parissi, P.S.C.


Financial Statements

arrow June 30, 2015

Official Statements

Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company - $161,680,159.20
$135,765,159.20 General Purpose Revenue Bonds, Series 2003
$25,915,000.00 Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series 2003
July 23, 2003

Trust Indenture

arrow Trust Indenture, dated July 1, 1964, by and between Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company and First National City Bank, Trustee

Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority Contact
Jesús M. García-Rivera
Vice President

Director of Revenue Obligations Financing
Revenue Obligations Department
Tel. (787) 722-2525 x-15250
Fax (787) 728-6835

PRIDCO Contact
Jamille Muriente Díaz

Chief Financial Officer
Tel. 787-758-4747 x-4410
Fax 787-765-5995

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