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Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority (PRIFA)

A GDB Affiliate

Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority

Website (in Spanish):

Credit Ratings

Standard & Poor's

Revenue Bonds

(Ports Authority Project)

Special Tax Revenue Bonds


Credit Rating Reports on PRIFA


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arrow Standard & Poor's - January 28, 2016
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arrow Standard & Poor's - July 28, 2014
arrow Standard & Poor's - September 6, 2012
arrow Standard & Poor's - December 9, 2011


The Special Tax Revenue Bonds are payable from a specified amount of Federal excise taxes received by Puerto Rico from the United States. Such taxes, presently imposed solely on Puerto Rico rum, are subject to being applied first to Commonwealth of Puerto Rico general obligation and guaranteed debt if other Commonwealth revenues are insufficient thereof. If such taxes fall below these specified amounts, an appropriation shall be required to be included in the central government budget to cover such insufficiency. The Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly, however, is not legally obligated to make the necessary appropriation.


The Authority is an affiliate of GDB which was created in 1988 to provide financial, administrative and other types of assistance to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, its public corporations and instrumentalities responsible for developing and operating infrastructure facilities.

Trustee Under the Trust Agreement:

US Bank

Financial Statements Audited by:
RSM Puerto Rico


Financial Statements

arrow June 30, 2015

Official Statements


Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority - $669,215,000

Revenue Bonds (Ports Authority Project), Series 2011

$340,000,000 Series 2011A (Federally Taxable)

$192,830,000 Series 2011B (Non-AMT)

$136,385,000 Series 2011C (AMT)

December 16, 2011

arrow Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority - $469,770,000
Special Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2006
September 29, 2006

arrow Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority - $1,332,962,916.15
$309,102,577.35 Special Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2005A
$324,625,000 Special Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2005B
$699,235,338.80 Special Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2005C
June 2, 2005


Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority Contact
Jesús M. García-Rivera
Vice President

Director of Revenue Obligations Financing
Revenue Obligations Department
Tel. (787) 722-2525 x-15250
Fax (787) 728-6835

PRIFA Contact

Juan B. Torré Martínez, CPA

PO Box 41207

Minillas Station

San Juan PR  00940

Tel. 787-763-5757 x-1628
Fax 787-763-4415


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